Wireless Communications

Comtec Data is the leading installer of wireless communication systems for commercial applications in the Pilbara.

Wireless communications can include a wide variety of data transmitting solutions over distances that won’t allow for structured cabling solutions as well as wireless systems that allow for the convenient use of the internet on handheld and portable devices.

Comtec Data has helped countless customers throughout Karratha and the Pilbara to solve their communication dilemmas. We have the expertise to determine your specific needs and requirements and are then able to design solutions customised to your business. We have the workforce to physically install your solutions and the IT background to configure the software and finalise your projects.

Our Wireless Communication Services include:

Point to Point Solutions transmit data with maximum reliability, even under the harshest conditions and in non-line-of-sight situations. They consist of cost-effective high-throughput wireless Ethernet bridges and extensions. These solutions provide reliable connectivity in even the most challenging situations. They operate in a variety of frequencies.

Comtec Data brings you installs of exceptional quality and competitive pricing and can make contacting the out-of-reach easier than ever for you.

Point-to-Multi-Point (PMP) solutions refers to communication that is accomplished through a specific form of one-to-many connections, offering several paths from one single location to various locations. These solutions are usually used for establishing connectivity to offices in remote locations or as wireless solutions for various sites like huge corporate campuses and school districts.

A Point-to-Multipoint network can be easily deployed when compared to the deployment of a point-to-point network because the equipment has to be deployed only at the new subscriber’s site. The only condition is that all the remote sites must come within the visibility and range of the base station. Hills, trees and other kinds of obstructions make Point-To-Multipoint nods unsuitable for office and residential coverage.

Comtec Data has the experience and the know-how to bring you a point to Multi-point solution of exceptional quality and at a competitive rate.

Wireless Hotspot

A hotspot is a specific location that provides Internet access via a wireless local area network (WLAN). The term is generally synonymous with a Wi-Fi connection.

The radio frequency waves sent by the wireless access points extend a signal in different directions and become weaker as they travel, either further from the access points or due to signal interference among said access points.

Comtec Data has the experience and know-how to design solutions that minimise these interferences but still keep a strong signal throughout the whole desired area. This includes a sensible design regarding the physical location as well as the proper configuration of each individual access point.

Comtec Data has numerous experiences with the installation of commercial hotspots providing wireless coverage for a fee. When using a commercial hotspot to connect to the Internet, a user is usually redirected to a screen requesting login information or payment details.

4G is a high speed data service that uses the LTE radio standard to operate on mobile phone technology. It’s critical to understand that 4G is an internet service, and is not currently used to make or receive phone calls.

This means that even in 4G areas your mobile phone will connect to a 3G tower to make a phone call.

Comtec Data is the Pilbara’s leading installer of 4G antennas and have been providing its clients with long range and high speed 4G connections in even the toughest of situations. If you’re outside your network’s 4G coverage zone there’s no need to suffer slow speed and connection dropouts any longer.

Even inside the official coverage zone, a 4G antenna will significantly increase both the peak speed and consistency of your current 4G connection. Comtec Data can also provide solutions if 4G is not available or too weak at your location by installing a 4G antenna that can fall back on 3G/Next-G or an antenna that can connect to 4G when your area is upgraded.

A phone repeater is a device that receives incoming signal and re-transmits the signal around an obstruction or simply amplifies the signal.

There are two type of repeaters, active and passive receivers. Active receivers are commonly known as boosters. They are designed for households and vehicles that can only receive a weak signal and functions as digital signal amplifier where even smaller models can add around 20-50dB to the signal.

However active repeaters are strictly banned in Australia and there are high fines in place, for those who continue to use the technology. This is due to non-compliant mobile phone repeaters interfering with the performance and accessibility of mobile phone towers by other users.

The only active repeater legalised for use in Australia is the Telstra/Optus Smart Repeater system, as it was designed to provide maximum coverage while remaining network friendly.

A passive repeater is a device that receives and retransmits the incoming and outgoing signals without adding power or amplifying the signal. This type of device is commonly installed when a building’s structure or roof is stopping a mobile phone signal from penetrating, causing reception to be strong outside the building but very weak inside.

Comtec Data can help you to choose the solution that is best suited for your needs and requirements and implement the solution for you.

We help to solve communication dilemmas